The last few pickups of 2010!

I was pleased to end the year with two major Star Wars pickups and some minor additions to my collection.

My biggest pickup was my second Alec Guiness – better known for his work as Obi-Wan in the classic trilogy.

Secondly was Ray Hassett – a reclusive signer who has done 2 con’s this year – (and none before that) – who played Tigran Jamiro. He was the guy who told Solo his Taunton would freeze before the first marker.


I had a chance to pick up two cheap cards from the last heroes set for under $5 shipped for the Pair. Alan Blumenfeld . He was in 6 episodes of Heroes, and has been in some great movies like Wargames, The Ring and Friday the 13th. Danielle Sarve was in 8 Episodes of Heroes, an X-files episode and in the Boogeyman 2


I picked up 5 Benchwarmer autographs on the cheap as well. Some Playmates (Hauserman, Lundberg)  some models who are popular and doing minor acting roles who could become popular (Taylor, Prada), for the price, i couldn’t pass them up! The Lauren Kim was especially cool, as she has done stunts in transformers, star trek and even veronica mars.


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