Ending April with a Bang!

Jack Mckenzie Best known as Rebel Officer Cal Alder in Empire Strikes Back – Jack is an awesome addition to my collection and I love the quote and character name inscription.

Ellen Page is an actress I’ve wanted to add since her role as Kitty Pride in X-men 3.  She never signed for the card sets and went on to do other films I’ve never watched like Juno and Whip It (if she made out with Drew Barrymore, it can’t be that bad). She was in Hard Candy and most recently she gave an amazing performance in Inception. Ever since then I’ve wanted to add her to my collection and i’m quite happy to do so.

Amanda Wyss is best known as Tina in the Iconic original Nightmare Elm Street .  She’s done a few 80’s comedies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Better off dead. Since then she’s done a few TV shows like Dexter and Charmed.

Ryan Hansen I picked up due to his role as Dick Casablancas in 52 episodes of Veronica Mars.  Asides from his role in Veronica Mars, In terms of total episodes – he was my biggest name Left. He also was in Superhero movie and the Friday the 13th Remake.

Antonio Te Maioha played Barca on Spartacus Blood and Sand and Gods of the Arena. Hands down, he has one of the cooler signatures I’ve seen in awhile. He also had about 4 episodes in Xena and Hercules.


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