Starting off May with some Buffy, Angel and Charmed Pickups!

Kristine Sutherland is best known for playing Buffys Mom in 58 episodes.  She had a great role on the show, although her death episode was a bit awkward.

Marc Blucas was Riley Finn in 31 episodes of Buffy. I never really cared for his character, but I was glad to get him! He’s recently gotten work on Deadline and Knight and Day

Kali Rocha was in 9 episodes of Buffy. once as Halfrek  and as Cecily Addams.  She was a pretty good character who sadly got killed off. Asides from her role in Buffy – She has been in a few other TV Shows such as bones.

Alec Newman played Drogan in 2 Episodes of Angel.. A minor character – but still a welcome pickup. Alec has recently been doing voice work for games like Killzone 3, Goldeneye and the Old Republic.

Marc Vann played Dr Sparrow in 3 Episodes of Angel, Asides from a small role in Spiderman 3, he was in 4 episodes of Lost.

Dorian Gregory is most noteable for playing Daryl Morris on Charmed for 72 Episodes.  He’s the second most important male character in terms of appearances. Asides Charmed – he was on Baywatch Nights…Which speaks for his career after the show.


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