Some Sports and Minor Entertainment Pickups

In the World of Sports…

Arian Foster is a pickup i’ve been wanting to make for ages. I love Houston and he’s a very talented back whose stuff skyrocketed last year. I was lucky to find this at a card show today for about half of the Ebay rate. It’s a big add for my collection and one of my favorite Texans cards.

Vincent Brown is a new wideout for the Chargers. The Cardshow I went too had very little vintage (the only Hof Rookie I needed was OJ Simpson and it was badly worn on all four corners and as a result, overpriced) and few autographs (Game used cards galore but they bore me mostly now) – but they had lots of good prices on Wax – took my chances on some 2011 UD and pulled this beauty.  Brown is a big play potential WR on a playoff caliber team, so I got to say – i’m pumped I pulled Brown and can only hope he breaks out!

James Shields is an awesome hard throwing pitcher thats on fire right now. I’ve always found this guy pretty special to watch and I’m glad to add him to my collection. So far he’s pitching like a Cy Young Candidate

And In the world of Entertainment…

Biski Gugushe is most recently known for playing Sekou Hamilton in 8 episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Prior to that he had very very small roles in X-files, Saving Silverman and Replicant.

Alan Scarfe is a veteran actor who has been on lots of TV Shows over the years. I’m slowly working on the Stargate Alantis set and he was a needed pickup even though he doesn’t really have an iconic or really noteworthy performance.


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