Another huge Mailday

Pippa Black is a beautiful and stunning Actress who played the sultry Tanya on Outsourced. I loved her character, I loved the show – and I’m thrilled to quickly add her to my collection. I think she’s got alot of potential for a long and successful career.

Emmanuelle Vaugier is a super hottie who has had a few great appearances in many shows I love. She was in Supernatural and Smallville, Veronica Mars and Charmed. She was also in Saw 2 and 4 as well as Mirrors 2. I think shes a great but underrated actress.

Nick Tarabay played Ashur in 18 Episodes of Spartacus (both series). Got to give Spartacus credit – they really used a bunch of unknowns. This may explain why the prices for the men plummeted so quickly.  I enjoyed the show, so it’s a welcome pickup in my collection.

AJ Buckley played Ed on 4 episodes of Supernatural plus ed on the 10 episode long webisode GhostFacers. Asides from being a minor cast member he was on over 100 episodes of CSI: NY, an episode of X-files, bones and was the voice of toad in the Wolverine and the X-men cartoon

Peter Macon played Isaac on one episode of Supernatural. I had a chance to pick this one up cheap so I gladly did so in order to boost my supernatural cast. He’s done next to nothing after supernatural though


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