Some Multisig pieces and some great additions.

Ron Glass  played Shepherd Book in all 14 Episodes of firefly and Serenity. I’m thrilled to nail down another important cast member. Asides from firefly – he’s best probably known for his role as Det. Ron Harris in Barney Miller.

Monica Keena is a great and superhot actress. I loved her in the campy remake “Night of the Demons”. She also had a pretty big role in “Freddy Vs Jason”!. She’s done some other work, like Dawsons creek, but to me, she’s one of the hotter scream queens out there!

Harry Groener may be best known for playing Mayor Richard Wilkins in Buffy for 14 episodes. He was a great character, and one of the better “Evil” people of the series. I got this one for a buck, and was thrilled to make a cheap pickup. Asides from Buffy, he was in some TV show called Dear John for 70ish episodes, and had decent sized roles in About Schmidt and Patch Adams.

These Multi Sig items were great deals! Both are 8x10s.

Scott Pilgrim is signed by 2 lovely ladies

 Mae Whitman has been in quite a bit of film, she played the presidents daughter in Independence Day, Had somewhat significant roles on Chicago Hope, Jag, Arrested Development,Parenthood and State of Grace. She was in The Boogeyman2 She voiced Suzy on Johnny Bravo, Katara on the Last Airbender Cartoon, Batgirl in The Brave and The Bold and even Tinkerbell in the latest animated releases.. In Scott Pilgrim she played  Roxy Richter
Aubrey Plaza may be best known for her role as April In Parks and Recreation. She also had a decent role in “Funny People”. In Scott Pilgrim she played Julie Powers.


The Rite is signed by 2 ladies of the film and the Director

Marta Gastini is a cute Italian actress who has pretty much only done “The Rite”. I look forward to more of her work.
Torrey Devitto is a SMOKING hot actress who was also in I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer. She’s also been in Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill. She’s also an ex supermodel.
Mikael Hafstrom.has directed many Films with “The Rite” being his latest. His other directing credits include 1408 and Derailed


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