Nba All Stars..Rookies…NFL Legends – Sci Fi Babes and an Actor

Karl Mecklenburg is one of those guys who played at a high level forever on a crappy team. He was a favorite of mine throughout the early 90’s to watch, and an absolute steal at a buck for my collection.  He’s severely underrated and a 6 time pro-bowler. It’s ashame he never got a ring.

Mo Williams is an NBA all star who got traded to my Clippers. This one is numbered to 25 copies and a rather cool pickup for a low price.

Andrea Thompson is best known for her work in Babylon 5. She did work also in Fallout new Vegas. She played in NYPD Blue and was Call Girl on Wall Street.

Robert Caradine is best known for his stellar work in revenge of the nerds. They are cult classics and I managed to pick this card up for a buck, so i’m pumped to add him to my collection.

Trevor Booker is a young forward for the Wizards. He was the 1st round pick in 2010 and has quite a bit of potential. His rookie season was a bit disappointing but he has room for improvement.

Wayne Ellington most importantly played for UNC in college but currently plays for the T-Wolves. He’s doing alright in the NBA, nothing too exciting.

Quincy Poindexter is a young forward on a great team. He had a super disappointing rookie season, but has potential to be a stud.


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