Slew of pickups!

Olivia D’abo is a legendary Hottie! She got her start in Conan and went on to star in The Wonder Years and Waynes World 2. She’s done tons of photoshoots and has went on to do lots of voice work – Mortal Kombat, Batman The Brave and The Bold, Justice League, Tarzan, Batman Beyond and Star Wars Clone Wars…I’m thrilled to have her in my collection

Kristen Prout is a young up and coming actress. She’s had roles in Electra,  Twilight and Kyle XY. She’s got the makings of a future star and has great looks, She was a cheap pickup and a welcome addition to my collection.

Chris Owens is probably best known as Jeffery Spender in 13 episodes of X-Files.  – I had the chance to pick up the card of him as “The Great Mutato” from the only black and white X-Files episode “The Post-Modern Prometheus”…it’s one of the more critically acclaimed episodes from the series getting nominated for 7 emmy’s (Even though I hated it, lol)

Nestor Serrano is one of those guys who has been around in small roles forever. Lethel Weapon 2, Day After Tomorrow,  24, Witchblade and an even a small role in an episode of X-files as Ken Naciamento

Lucas Till played Havok In X-men First class – I LOVED X-men first class and was thrilled to add him to my collection, he’s not done much else worth noting, but Havok was always a favorite comic character of mine, so grabbing Lucas was awesome

Jenna Dewan is best known for Dancing movies like Step Up! and Take the Lead…I don’t watch those…but I thought American Virgin wasn’t bad and thought she was a heck of an actress and hottie in Tamara. I’ve been looking to get her for awhile, and finally did.

Beth Grant Played two awesome roles: Donnies Shrink in Donnie Darko – one of my all time favorites and the pathetic yet evil Gracie in Jericho. She’s also voiced in King of the Hill and done some work in No Country for Old Men. I’ve never seen much Beth Grant stuff, so I was thrilled to get to pick this up

Mary Carey is best known for being a porn star, but she ran for the Governor of California and is kind of a neat novelty to have. That put’s me halfway done with the ladies of the Film “Sapphire Girls”.


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