Spartacus Babes, Heroes and Stargate crew members

Viva Bianca played the super sexy Ilithyia on Spartacus. Asides from being awesome on Spartacus shes not done much, but I think she will have a great career.

Greg Grunberg – Played Matt Parkman in 59 episodes of Heroes! Asides heroes he has been in Lost, 68 episodes of Alias, Mission Impossible 3, and Felicity.  Asides from TV, he’s been in Hollowman

Sendhil Ramamurthy played Mohinder Suresh in 63 episodes of Heroes. Asides from heroes he hasn’t done too much that i’m familiar with , but it’s nice to knock another cast member down

Sarah Mutch is best known for being a smoking hot model. She was in an episode of SGU, Smallville and Supernatural. I’m always glad to add a pretty lady to the collection

Jamil Walker Smith is perhaps best known for playing Gerald on the cartoon Hey Arnold! He also was on 40 episodes of SGU.  He also had some memorable one episode appearances in other shows I like like Bones, Supernatural.and X-files


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