Jedi’s , Ewok’s, Horror Babes and an actor or two worth mentioning!

Amy Allen – Is a Hot Jedi and this is my fourth and probably final autograph of her. I’ve been wanting on her on an 8×10, so theres nothing better than getting her on a masterpix.

Orli Shoshan – is someone i wasn’t planning on picking up, but got cheap due to picking up the Amy Allen. It’s also my 4th autograph of Orli Shoshan, my 3rd 8X10, She’s a good looking woman, so not someone I mind adding, but someone I doubt i’ll add again, but you never know! especially after I got my dedicated hebrew picture.

Belinda Blaski is best known for appearing in the cult classic Piranha (not the remake) and Gremlins. She played Betsy In Piranhas and as Mrs Harris in Gremlins. She also played in the classic The Howling – Other than that, she hasn’t really done much worth getting excited about. She’s a welcome addition to my horror collection.

Ian Abercrombie – is a guy I picked up for the first time back in April this makes my second Abercrombie autograph. I picked up this card for literally 50 cents. He’s been in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Army of Darkness , Birds of pray and so much more, excellent value.

Phil Fondacaro was one of the little guys who played an ewok in Star Wars return of the Jedi – he’s a welcome addition to my classic trilogy collection. He also had somewhat significant roles in the movie “Willow” and the TV Show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”.

Ernest Borgnine is a legend of Cinema….Escape from New York, The DIrty Dozen, Red , The Poseidon Adventure, Airwolf, Small Soldiers and so much more, he’s a huge pickup for my collection!


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