A slew of awesome pickups..Angel, Star Trek, Star Wars, SGU, Superheroes.. AND a hottie!

Alaina Huffman is best known for playing Lt. Tamara Johansen on SGU. She played Black Canary in Smallville and was on Painkiller Jane to boot. She was nothing short of amazing on SGU, so I’m thinking her career will soon take off. She was a guest at one of Ben Steven’s recent women of Sci Fi convention, and this fantastic photo was part of his overstock after the con.

John Wesley Shipp is best known for playing the Flash, and was a guest at Dallas Comic Con, and was also from Officialpix/Ben Stevens. Asides from playing Dc comics fasted man alive, he had a stint on Dawsons Creek, He’s a frequent convention signer, but the price was right for him.

Amy Acker & Christian Kane both signed this comic. Amy Acker played Fred on 70 Episodes of Angel, while Christian Kane played the evil Lindsay on 21 Episodes. I’m thrilled to add two key characters to my collection, especially Amy Acker who went on to star in Dollhouse, do voice work in the Justice League and appear on Supernatural.  Christian Kane has recently appear in leverage and also co-stared in Just Married.

J.August Richards & Stephanie Romanov signed this comic. I already have J August Richards on an 8×10, but was happy to add him again, as I really liked Gunn. Gunn was on 91 episodes. Ms Romanov was the evil Liliah who was on 35 episodes. Neither went on to big careers, but both are huge additions to my Angel collection

Alexis Denisof is best known for playing Wesley Wyndham-Price on 110 Episodes of Buffy and Angel. He went from a bumbling idiot in buffy to one of Angels best characters, probably my favorite of the series. I’m pumped to add him to my collection at last.

George Takei is certainly a great actor. Best known for portraying Sulu, in the original Star Trek, he’s also had roles in godzilla films, the spiderman animated series, transformers and Heroes. He’s had roles in a slew of other tv shows and film.

Lorne Peterson is a LEGENDARY special effects guru. He’s a model maker and has made Models for all 6 star wars films, Raiders of the lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Jurassic Park, ET, Poltergeist, Star Trek, Back to the future 2, Willow and even the pirates movies. He’s done a slew of other films, but I think that covers his work! He also played a Yavin sentry in Star War’s a New Hope.

Alexa Vega played carmen in Spy Kids, She’s had a versatile career, going back to the Little Giants to Repo! The Genetic Opera. Shes a young actress who has plenty of time to become a huge name, and i’m pretty pumped to add her to my collection.


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