Some Legends, another Jericho Addition, some buffy/angel pickups and a hottie!

Skeet Ulrich played Jake Green, the most important character in all 29 episodes of Jericho. I was stunned I won the card for as little as I did, and very happy to add it to my new jericho project. Skeet also played Billy in the original scream, and had roles in The Craft and “As good as it gets”

Sam Waterson is in my mind, one of the more legendary TV Actors, playing an iconic law and order character. He was Jack McCoy for 368 episodes!  He also had a great role in the Movie “The Killing Fields”. He’s done aot of stuff i’m not familiar with but regardless, he’s a great name for my collection

Julie Strain is a LEGENDARY scream queen best known for flicks like Heavy Metal 2000, Delta Delta Die and a crapload of B Movies. She’s a name i’ve been wanting to get for awhile, so i was pleased to get her in my growing horror collection

Laura Prepon is best known for being the hottie from “that seventies show”. She’s not done much else, some voice work in King of the Hill and a guest staring spot on House, but she was a great actress on a great show.

Julie Benz is a hottie I adore and have picked up before. Metro Entertainment used to be the “go to” place for buffy/angel graph’s – and i couldn’t resist picking up a Benz 8×10 for a great price.

And since I blogged about these three last week, no since in rewriting write up’s.
Amy Acker

Christian Kane

Stephanie Romanov


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