Starting off August with a Bang!

Ashley Scott is best known for playing Emily Sullivan on 28 episodes of Jericho. She also played the Huntress on Birds of Prey. She’s also had a sizeable  role on Dark Angel. She’s not been in many movies with parts worth mentioning. bu she was great on Jericho, and a member of the cast i’m thrilled to add to my cast project.

Saul Rubinek is best known for playing Artie on Warehouse13. He’s been in lots of different things in his career..Star Trek, Unforgiven,  War and Star Gate. He’s a sweet addition to my collection.

Nikki Cox is an actress best known for dramas like “Nikki” and “Las Vegas” – She’s a pretty good looking actress, which is sort of weird to say, considering she played an ugly alien kid on Star Trek.

Dina Meyer played Batgirl on Birds of prey! It’s pretty cool to get two of the cast members from the show in one go. She’s got a role in the new Charlies Angels and had roles on Saw 1-4, Starship troopers and Johnny Mnemonic. She’s had a great career and i’m happy to have her in my collection

Hudson Leick is best known for playing Callisto on 17 episodes of Hercules and Xena. I got the card for a fantastic price and was thrilled to add her to my slowly moving cast project. She’s not done much else, but she’s a fantastic pickup!

Breanne Benson is an up and coming adult actress. She’s got a bright future ahead of her and was a fun pickup to make. She’s pretty
easy on the eyes too!


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