Cougars, Musicians, Legends, Supervillians and more!

Courtney Cox is a super hot actress. Probably best known for Friends or Cougar Town, she’s a hot and talented actress. she rocked the big screen in Scream 1-4.and in Ace Ventura. Now I really need to get her scream co-star Neve Campbell.

Tom Hiddleston was a total unknown until he played Loki in Thor. He NAILED the part, and has me excited for the Avengers movie. This guy has to have a very bright future ahead of him! I’m pretty pleased with my pickups of Thor so far.

Jorge Garcia is best known for playing the loveable Hurley in 115 Episodes. He also has a new role in Alcatraz. He’s a popular actor and a great addition to my lost collection!

Sherwood Schwartz is a legendary TV creator. He created the Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island and also was a writer for The Red Skelton Hour. I had a chance to pick this up for a reasonable price and didn’t hesitate.

Andrew WK is an interesting musician who I admittedly listen to now and then with alot of enjoyment – so I was happy to add him!

Sacha Dhawan is best known for playing Manmeet on Outsourced. he had a great role on the show and it’s still ashame it got canceled.  He’s not done much else, but his role in outsourced alone merited the pickup

.Deep Gold 3D: signed by 4

Jaymee Ong is an Asian model who has had some noteable small film roles such as “Pearl Harbor”. She’s a host of quite a bit of stuff in asia – and is an interesting lady
Laury Prudent is another model who has been in some D grade horror movies – she’s not done much at all.
Michael Gleissner is an actor/producer who hasn’t really done much worth writing about – lots of B movies.
Amelia Jackson-Gray is a cute and good looking actress who is trying to make her mark in the industry. You can’t say she’s been wildly successful when “Snakes on a Train” Yeah- the Asylum version is near the top of her resume!  Heres wishing her a bright career.


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