Some Texans, a Host and a SCI-FI hottie of sorts

Andy Hallet is best known for playing Lorne in Angel. Metro Entertainment still had a few 8×10’s of him, and I couldn’t pass up on adding Andy to my collection. I already had him on a figure – but an 8×10 for a good price was well worth it.

Gigi Edgley is best known for playing Chiana in Farscape. She was super hot in this show in an odd Gothic sort of way and someone i’ve been looking to add for awhile.  This one came from MetroEntertainment as well.

Jonathan Joesph is the new Cornerback of the Houston Texans. I’ m excited to see him play, and since he’s our future for the next 5 years, had to pick up his national treasures rookie for under $10.  Here’s hoping for a strong 2011 season!

Brian Cushing is a beast of a linebacker who plays for Houston. I love the artwork on the card and couldn’t resist picking it up. I’m hoping for great things under Wade Phillips as our defensive coordinator and Cushing was my biggest glaring hole in my autographs of Texans defensive players.

Terrance Toliver is an undrafted rookie who signed with the Texans – he has the makings of a big playmaker, he was a HUGE deal coming out of highschool, so I’m hoping he makes an impact on the Texans. either way for 99 cents it was a cheap pickup.


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