Texans, Ewoks, Aliens and Voice Actresses

Eric Winston is the starting right tackle for my beloved Texans. He’s been with us for awhile and this was a cheap pickup. My goal of knocking down our roster through autographs has only been getting easier and easier.

Jacoby Jones is our number two wideout behind Andre Johnson. I was pretty happy to pick up this rookie autograph for a few bucks. it’s a great addition to my collection!

Gwendoline Yeo is an Asian voice actress with an impressive resume. She’s played 2 or three roles on the Clone Wars cartoons for a total of 5 episodes, had a role in Green Lantern Emerald Knights, God of War, Uncharted, Dead Space, 11 episodes in “Wolverine and the X-men” As domino, The Animated Iron man movie and lastly Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms. She’s a fantastic addition to my collection.

John Hostelleter is one of my favorite voice actors from Gi Joe and Transformers, so I couldn’t pass on a cheap Star Trek autograph of the guy. he played a Bolian Officer in Star Trek Insurrection.

Jennifer Hale is a super accomplished voice actress. Her  Cartoon Credits include… Skeleton Warriors, Spider Woman on the 90’s Iron Man cartoon, Black Cat on the 90’s Spiderman Cartoon, She-Dragon from Savage Dragon, Jonny Quest,  Might Ducks, Giganta  on the Justice League, Jean Grey from Wolverine and the X-men, Totally Spies, 6 episodes of the clone wars as Aayla Secura…Multiple female roles on Batman Brave and the bold. Her Video Game ones include: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Naomi on Metal Gear Solid, Emma Emmerich  on MGS2, Metroid , Bastila from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  She’s nothing short of a legend and one i am super happy to add.

Sal Fondacaro was an EWOK in Return of the Jedi. It’s always neat to add another Ewok to my collection.

Adrienne Wilkinson is someone i’ve picked up twice before, but this one was cheap and it’s a nice photo, so i’m always willing to add a cheap addition to the collection.


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