A horror icon ,a Texan and some voice actors.

Tony Todd – has played a Bevy of roles, and was a guy I was looking forward to meeting at Horror Weekend 2011, he had to cancel due to a filming date, and saw this card cheaper than he would of been at the show, so I picked it up. It’s my second Tony Todd ‘graph.

Brandon Harris is the awesome rookie cornerback for the Texans. I’ve been following him on twitter and he seems like a pretty cool guy – and without a doubt i was excited to draft him. I got this card for a buck, so I’m thrilled to add it to my collection.

The following pieces are all “imperfect” and from a fellow collector. I hate stuff dedicated to someone else – but sometimes the price is so low, that it’s cheaper just to pick up the dedicated graphs.

Jack Angel is a legendary voice actor – I got him a few years back for my Transformers/Gi Joe project but I couldn’t pass up adding him again for a low price from a collector getting out of the Hobby. He played  General Moch in the cult classic “Dark Forces” game.

Susan Eisenberg played Shaak Ti  in the Forced Unleashed. More importantly, she’s been the voice of Wonder Woman in the Justice league and other DC media!

Robin Atkin Downes has played a few different roles in Clone Wars. He was in an episode of Buffy, Charmed and Angel and has voiced roles in video games from Halo, X-men, Fallout New Vegas to Everquest. He voiced Gentleman Ghost in the Justice league and landed the role of Mumm Ra on the new Thundercats cartoon.

Greg Baldwin has been in a few episodes of Clone Wars – and had some cool video game roles like Spiderman Web of Shadows and Rainbow Six. He also was in the last airbender cartoon.

Richard Green was in a few episodes of Clone wars as well…He voiced Toyman and Hugo Strange on “The Batman”. He’s had a Myrid of other roles as well.


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