Seven Awesome pickups: Heisman Winners, Press Plates, Villians, Models and more

Angelo Bertelli was the QB for Notre Dame who won the Heisman Trophy in 1943. He’s a member of the College Football HOF. He never had a Pro Career – but is a vital part of footballs History.

Johnny Lattner was a Halfback for Notre Dame who won the Heisman in 1953. He also won two Maxwell awards  – He’s also a member of the College Football Hall of Fame – as a Professional, he was drafted by the Steelers, but an injury to his knee kept him from playing

Sam Witmer – he played Doomsday on Smallville and lent his voice to the Force Unleashed. He had roles on BSG, Dexter, Being Human, Bones, Angel and Small roles in The Mist and Crank. He’s a welcome addition to my collection.

Mike Henry – It’s funny how after getting outbid on him for over a year, and buying a dedicated piece from a collector as placeholder – i win one for a song with no effort. Glad to add a great card to my collection

Derrick Johnson is a beast of a linebacker for the Chiefs – I remember how hyped he was when coming into the league, and although he’s never lived up to that hype – he’s a fun guy to watch. This card was a steal and a darn good value

James Shields is one of my favorite MLB pitchers. I was kind of suprised to see this 1/1 press plate go so dang low. It’s an excellent value and a one of a kind add to my collection.

Ryanne is one of my favorite models currently. I had the chance to contact her and get a personalized photo, and although the price was slightly steeper than I expected, it’s not like she will do a convention anytime soon, so after some thought I pulled the trigger.


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