Some Nonsports pickups

This Dual-signed card is the highlight of this post

Carmen Electra is one of those legendary hotties who has modeled, done playboy, and was in at least one decent flicks. I loved her in Scary Movie. She’s a name i’ve been wanting to add for awhile, and although it’s a dual signed card, it’s still a pretty good pickup.
Jeffery Tambor is a pretty fantastic character actor. He’s had memorable roles on The Hangover, Something about Mary, Hellboy, Hellboy 2, Meet Joe Black and a few others. He’s a neat bonus considering I was willing to pay what I paid for the card for Electra alone.

Jim Beaver is best known for playing Bobby in Supernatural. He’s my first major cast member from the series having the third most appearances in the series. He’s also had roles in Harper’s Island, Adaptation, Star Trek, Deadwood and even an X-files appearance.

Jennifer Coolidge  is the original MILF   – Best known as Stifflers Mom in American Pie – she has a fairly iconic role. Shes not done too much else – she had a role in Epic Movie and a few chick flicks like a Cinderella story and legally  blonde – either way she’s an awesome pickup for my collection

Eric Roberts is an actor who has had some great movie roles – Dark Knight, Expendables  and Runaway Train. He also had a spot on Heroes (7 Episodes) with other “roles” like Sharkoctapus  , Young and the restless , and  Less than Perfect. He also provided the voice for Mongul in the justice league.



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