Hall of Famers from Baseball, Football and Basketball – and MORE

Preacher Roe is one of baseballs more colorful characters and without a doubt a legend of the game. He was a five time all star of the 40’s and 50’s and one of the biggest snubs of the Hall of Fame. He shut down the yankees in the world series as a dodger in a game and is an amazing addition to my baseball collection.

Early Wynn is an MLB Hall of Famer and a finalest for MLB’s all century team. a Cy Young winner, 8 time all star, he’s one of the games amazing legends. this is instantly my best MLB rookie card and a cornerstone of my baseball collection.

Jerry Kramer is a glaring omission from the NFL hall of Fame. He’s a five time champion (pre superbowl) and a 2 time superbowl champ, and a member of the 50th anniversary team. He’s a great pickup for my collection, as he will eventually be in my hall of fame project.

Jim Taylor is a hall of fame fullback for the Packers. He had a very impressive career, playing for one of the leagues most storied teams. He’s a fantastic addition to my hall of fame collection.

Elvin Hayes is HUGE pickup for my NBA project, the man’s a 12 time all star, NBA Champ and another member of the 50th anniversary team. It’s awesome to have this legend in my collection!

Brett Hull is a great pickup. He played for my beloved red wings and was a key part of our 2002 championship. He’s a hall of famer and legend and a nice pickup for my hockey collection.

Clyde Lee is an NBA all star and NCAA All american – the Elvin Hayes rookie came with a plethora of extras – and this one was a pretty good one!

Howie Komives was a 10 year player best known for getting traded right before the knicks won a championship. He was a throw in with the Hayes.

Shaler Halimon is a professional Journeyman who is famous for knocking a rookie Kareem Abdul-Jabbar out of the playoffs with an awesome shot. He’s a neat novelty pickup.

Ed Manning had an 11 year NBA career for various franchises. He was a career backup, and was included with the Hayes lot.


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