A Huge NFL and MLB Mailday with Hof’ers and stars of yesteryear

Ricky Henderson isn’t a player I love, but his accomplishment’s cannot be denied. The all time leader for stolen bases and runs, among other records, he’s a 10 time all star and a 2 time champion, and without a doubt a Hall of Famer as one of the best speedsters ever.

Paul Warfield is a hall of fame wideout who dominated for the Browns and Dolphins, he was a fantastic pickup that will go great in my Hall of Fame collection.

Dave Winfield is a Hall of Famer who dominated the late 70’s and 80s. He’s a fantastic pickup for a dollar for my baseball collection. Theres no excuse to not get a hall of famer for a $1!

Dale Murphy was a big part of the 1980s Braves and one of the Legends of the Franchise, he was a huge pickup for me, and a great addition to my collection.

Dave Concepcion was a 9 time All Star, 5 time gold glove winner and a 2 time champion and a big part of the “Big Red Machine”

Junior Seau was one of the most Dominant linebackers of the 90’s and should be a lock for the hall of fame. 12 probowls, 2 super bowl appearances and a member of the 90’s all decade team. He Dominated my Childhood and is a great addition to my collection.

Bill Buckner may be remembered for messing up and having the biggest flub in playoff history even though he hit 2,700 hits, won a battling title and was an All Star, He’s the guy who blew the 86 world series.

Marty Schottenheimer is best known for his long and extensive career as a coach. He’s a neat novelty pickup for my football collection.


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