Star Wars, The Old Spice guy, Jericho and Lost!

Joel Edgerton is an up and coming actor. Recently seen in the movie “Warrior” He was picked up by me for being in Star Wars episode 2&3 as Uncle Owen. He also had an awesome role in the movie King Arthur. He’s also got a role in the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby, one of my more favorite Robert Redford films.

Isaiah Mustafa is the legendary old spice guy. He played Luke Cage in a marvel short and is a neat pickup.

Sprague Graydon has been in Paranormal activity  @2 and will be in #3, but most importantly she played Heather in 17 episodes of Jericho. She’s been in other shows like Joan of Arcadia, CSI: NY, Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, 24 and more. She’s a great pickup for the collection and another Jericho cast member down.

Ian Somerholder is probably best known for being on Vampire Diaries..never watched it though.  He was on 30 episodes of lost as Boone though. 6 episodes of Smallville as well. He’s a popular actor i’m lucky to of gotten for my collection.
Michael Gaston played Gray Anderson in 19 episodes of Jericho. I didn’t care for his character, but he was a vital pickup. He also has appeared in 4 episodes of Fringe,  and had small roles in the movies Inception and Ransom


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