Sci Fi and lots of Basketball from Legends to 80’s stars

Armin Shimmerman is probably best known for his 173 episode role as Quark on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. He played Principal Snyder on 19 Episodes of Buffy  and has done lots of voice work in various cartoons and some small TV roles – he’s a great addition to my Buffy collection.

Niall Matter is best known for 37 episodes of Eureka, but i’ve never watched that. I did watch Watchmen, where he played Mothman (drug away in the credits in the straightjacket) it’s neat to make progress on my watchmen cast again.

Rob Labelle has had lots of small roles in things I enjoy, He had a memorable X-files episode, and a role in Nightmare on Elm Street: a new Nightmare, he was also in first wave, Star Trek, Supernatural and had 3 episodes on the 4400, lastly, he was Wally Weaver in The Watchmen, it’s neat to add a guy who played a small role in so much great stuff.

Scottie Pippen is the ultimate NBA sidekick – Jordan and Pippen dominated the NBA and without a doubt he’s a solid addition to my NBA collection.

Charles Oakley is one of the All-Time defensive greats in my view and a big part of Knicks lore. he’s a guy i’ve been wanting to add to my collection.

Sam Perkins dominated the NBA and played in the wasteland of the supersonics in the 90’s – he was a solid shooter, and a solid pickup.

Doc Rivers is the current legendary coach of the Boston Celtics. He’s a fantastic addition to my collection.

Craig Hodges was a 10 year NBA Veteran who helped the Bulls win 2 of their championships, and he was a deadly 3 point shooter. He was a great novelty pickup.

Larry Nance is one of the better defensive players of the 80’s and a 3 time All star, he’s a great addition to my collection.

Ricky Pierce played 16 years in the League as a backup coming off the bench – he won the 6th man award twice.

Paul Pressey played in the league for a decade as a defensive minded player for the bucks.


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