A new year, new pickups

Dana Delany is best known for shows like Desperate Housewives, however she was the Phantasm in Batman mask of the Phantasm, and Lois Lane on the Superman/Justice League animated series. Wing Commander and Tombstone are also roles she has partaken in. She’s a hot actress, and a great addition to my collection!

Blair Brown is best known for being Nina Sharpe on Fringe, Fringe is a fantastic show, and nina is an excellent character, so i’m thrilled to add her to my collection.She’s been in alot of other roles…but none i recognize or know.

Jimmy Jean Louis played the Hatian in 32 Episodes of Heroes.  Funnily enough before that he was in a metric ton of those Emmaneulle soft-core flicks on skinamax back in the day. Tears of the Sun is his only real movie credit. He makes a great addition either way!

Ed Beagley – 13 Names left on my Veronica Mars hitlist.  Beagley played Cyrus O’Dell on 6 episodes of Veronica Mars and was on the original, and campy BSG. He was on This is Spinal Tap and Pineapple Express, and was a fantastic pickup for my collection! .


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