An awesome cast signed playbill

This playbill is from the play “Relatively Speaking”. It’s been signed by 20 members of the cast, with some great names like Steve Guttenberg, Ari Graynor, Julia Kavner And Richard Libertini among others.

#1 Elizabeth Sheppherd has had a distinguished career in theater, she was nominated for an Emmy in a PBS documentary, and provided the voice of infinity on the Silver Surfer cartoon

#2 Richard Libertini is a guy with a long 40+ year history in Hollywood. He had a small role in the Criterion classic “Days of Heaven” and in Neil – he also was on an episode of supernatural.

#3 Jason Kravitz has had a bunch of small roles in movies such as “The Adjustment Bureau” and “Stepford Wives”

#4 Allen Lewis Rickman is best known for a small role on the 1987 Film “I was a teenage zombie”

#5 Sara Sakolovic is a recent graduate of Yale who hasn’t done much yet asides this play on Broadway

#6 Lisa Emery has had roles on Fringe, and in the movie Unfaithful

#7 Steve Guttenberg had an 8 Episode role on Veronica Mars and had solid roles in two Police Academy movies, plus three men and a baby and short circuit. He was on my list for Veronica Mars actors – so he’s a major win

#8 Katherine Borowitz has been in a smattering of films such as a “A Serious man” – Nothing too flashy.

#9 Ari Graynor – has one of the worst signatures in history. – She was in 10 episodes of Fringe as Rachel – and has appeared in other flicks such as Nick and Norahs Playhouse, Mystic River and “Whats your Number?” She was also in Veronica Mars for an episode and 4 episodes of the Sopranos.

#10 Danny Hach is best known for small roles in War of the Worlds (2005) and Black Hawk Down. He had  a pretty big role in We Own The Night.

#11 Grant Schaud played Miles in 92 episodes of Murphy Brown. He also had a pretty big role in the movie Antz and a small role in the original “Wall Street”

#12 Marlo Thomas stared as the main character in the 60’s Sitcom “That Girl”, which was good enough to go 5 seasons.

#13 Max Gordon Moore is another Yale Graduate who hasn’t done much asides this play

#14 Patricia O’Connell has had small roles in shows like Law and Order and One Life to Live

#15 Max Casella had a big role as Vinnie in Doogie Howser. Also was in The Sopranos, The Bronx is Burning and Daxter in the Jax and Daxter games.

#16 Mark Linn Baker is a guy who has made TV appearances from Full House to Ally Mcbeal.

#17 Julie Kavner is best known for playing Marge Simpson on the Simpsons. Such an Iconic Voice actress.  She also had a live action role on the show Rhoda.

#18 Julia Brothers is a lady making her first Broadway debut

#19 Bill Army is a guy making his Broadway debut in this play.

#20 Caroline Aaron had roles in Love Hurts, Edward Scissorhands , Cellular and Sleepless in Seattle


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