Ending out March with another cast signed playbill

This playbill from “All of my Sons ” has some great signatures including Patrick Wilson, Katie Holmes, Christian Camargo, Becky Ann Baker and Sherman Howard

1 Damian Young had roles on Unbreakable and Pete and Pete. His biggest Hollywood role was in Edge of Darkness or his recent stint on Californication.
2 Clark Jackson has had a fair share of Hollywood roles such as SWAT, The Wire and Crash and Burn
3 Jordan Gelber is best known for his roles on Law and Order SVU and Changing Lanes.
4 Katie Holmes is a huge Hottie known for her role on Dawsons Creek, Phonebooth and Batman Begins
5 Christian Camargo has had great roles in Dexter, K19 , National Treasure: Book of Secrets and The Hurt Locker.
6 Patrick Wilson is best known for his kickass role in the Watchmen as Nightowl. He’s recently done A Gifted Man, and will appear in Prometheus
7 Sherman Howard had roles in Day of the Dead , Lethal Weapon 2, Adventures of Superboy, Casualities of War and Batman Beyond
8 Becky Ann Baker had roles in Freaks and Geeks, Spiderman 3, Men in Black, War of The Worlds and a few other films
9 Danielle Skraastad is best known for her roles in Michael Clayton and 27 Dresses
10 Lizbeth Mackay is best known for small roles in All my Children and Malcolm X
11 Danielle Ferland has done a few small films, nothing i’ve heard of.


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