Two Supernatural pickups! An Iconic horror voice and a Batman Villian

Misha Collins plays Castiel on 46 episodes of Supernatural. Misha was a huge hole in my supernatural project as he’s one of the main characters asides the brothers that I didn’t have.

Rob Benedict played Chuck on 6 episodes of Supernatural – he also played Jape in 2 episodes of Buffy. He also had roles in Birds of Prey and Felicity. He’s a solid addition to my supernatural project and a great start at making some progress towards the remaining cast of the show.

Eli Wallach had a fantastic career with roles as Mr. Freeze – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The Magnificent Seven, The Godfather 3, and so much more, with over 160 appearances in films and television. He no longer signs due to health – so he was a wonderful pickup to my collection.

Virginia Green is best known for lending the voice to Norman Bate’s Mother in the first 3 psycho films. She’s a rare signature, dying in 1986, so i’m thrilled to add her to my collection. She had some other more noteable roles – including the Hanging Tree and Operation Petticoat


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