A G.I. Joe villian from the upcoming movie, an Olympian, and a Hottie!

Ray Stevenson plays Firefly in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. He’s played Volstagg in Thor (And in the upcoming sequel) and played the Punisher in Punisher: War Zone. He’s had roles in The Book of Eli, Dexter, Rome and The Other Guys. He’s an awesome up and coming actor, and a fine addition to my collection.

Dawn Harper is a two time Olympic Medal winner. She took home the Gold in 2008, and the Silver in 2012. She’s an excellent athlete and a fine addition to my other Olympians.

Katy Perry is a pretty dang awesome Hottie. Not a fan of her music persay, but when I saw her new DVD had a limited signed preorder… I shamelessly jumped on it, because who can resist adding a super hot musician to my collection?



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