A G.I. Joe voice actor, a NFL legend and three hotties

Dale Wilson played Captain Gridiron on the DIC G.I. Joe cartoon. Gridiron was one of the more notable new joe’s that led the new cast, and a great addition to my collection. He also voiced Mutt in Operation Dragonfire.  Dale Wilson is a class act actor, and overall nice guy. He was the Canadian voice of Cell in Dragonball Z and did voice work in  Stargate: Infinity, Street Fighter, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jerome Bettis is a legendary and soon to be Hall of Fame running back. He had a legendary career and was probably the last true powerback left in the NFL. Sixth all time leading rusher, 6 time Pro-Bowler and a Superbowl Champion. he was a GREAT addition to my collection.

Shannon Elizabeth is a classic hottie known for her iconic role in American Pie and it’s sequel, American Pie 2 and American Reunion. Asides from that, she’s known for roles in Thirteen Ghosts, Tomcats, and Scary Movie. She’s been on my want list for awhile, and i’m thrilled to add her at last.

Carrie Preston plays the lovely Arlene Fowler on 61 and counting episodes of Trueblood. The beautiful actress has been a key part of the series, and an awesome addition to my collection. She’s not done much else asides true blood.

Debbie Rochon is a legendary scream queen best known for B Movies and films like Tromeo and Juliet. She’s done 214 movies…and i’d wager most American’s haven’t seen more than one or two, She’s a great addition to my Horror Collection.


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