An SG-1 kinda update

Peter Williams played the villainous Apophis on 20 Episodes of Stargate SG-1. He was one of the best villains of the series and a favorite of mine. He’s not done much else in the world of acting, but he did have a decent role on the Chronicles of Riddick.

Gary Jones played Sgt. Walter Harriman in 108 episodes of SG-1. Asides from General Hammond, Dr. Fraser and members of SG-1, he was the most key character in the series, He was also in 12 episodes of Atlantis.  He’s had lots of other small roles, but one of the more interesting ones is the fact he was on 19 episodes of the DIC G.I. Joe providing additional voices to the series

Cliff Simon played the devious system lord Ba’al in 15 episodes of SG-1 and factored in quite a bit in the Continuum movie. Asides from that, he’s not done much else, but he’s an excellent addition to my SG-1 project.



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