Two cast project additions for my G.I. Joe and Veronica Mars projects

Harry Hamlin is a long time need for my Veronica Mars project. He played Aaron Echolls in 12 episodes and was a fantastic character in the show. His other work includes the original “Clash of the Titans” and “L.A. Law”. He’s an underrated actor who has done a lot of odd jobs over the years, though nothing groundbreaking, still I’m THRILLED to add another name to my Veronica Mar’s collection.  That project is finally starting to get to where I want it to be, and it’s a nice to finally feel that way about it.

Lee Weaver was Alpine on G.I. Joe in 22 Episodes. He’s eluded me for YEARS, and i’m finally happy to add another name to my G.I. Joe project. 17 names to go for those who voiced a character in the cartoon. It’s always nice, and downright awesome to knock a name down off the cast list and Lee Weaver was one of the more important names I needed. Aside from G.I. Joe, he’s had an interesting career, while best known for his work on Easy Street, Hill Street Blues and The Cosby Show – He’s contributed on Veronica Mars and Donnie Darko.



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