Star Wars update!

A collector happened to have an odd lot of signed receipts from sale (Complete with airfare tickets and everything) that he got from the promoter of Echo Base Charity Con 2003 in the Netherlands. Pretty much bought it for John Hollis

John Hollis is best known for playing Lobot in the Empire Strikes Back. He died in 2012 and has eluded me since he died before I got into this. Luckily for me  –  he’s now a part of my collection

Jerome Blake played Mas Amedda in Star Wars episode 1. Always nice to add another prequel name.

Alan Ruscoe played Plo Koon in the Prequals. a double dip, as I already had him.

Irvin Kershner just signed his surname, but since he’s also deceased, it’s still a pretty good pickup.



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