A Baseball heavy update with some Braves!

BJ Upton is the Braves new center fielder. While I’m a bit nervous about him fitting in and becoming the next big thing, he’s a Brave for the next 5 years, and certainly is someone I’m going to enjoy pulling for him. He’s young with a bright future. This card happens to be numbered to 10 copies.

Mike Minor is a hard throwing Southpaw for my Braves. He had a rough 2012, Finishing 11-10  with a 4.12 ERA. He’s young though, and I love adding young braves to my collection.

Randall Delgado is another young pitcher who was on my Braves when I bought it, who did even worse than minor in 2012 finishing the year 4-9. Had he of got traded before I bought it, I wouldn’t of bought it, but who knows he could bust out, he has the talent. I added him to my collection for dirt cheap, so I’m hoping he becomes something!

Wilin Rosario is a beast of a catcher for the rockies. As a rookie he hit .270 and hit 28 Home Runs, which should merit rookie of the year consideration, however in a year of Harper, Miley and Trout, he was an after thought. I think Wilin has the chance to be the next great catcher – So I added this great young player to my collection.

Alex Cobb is a dominating young pitcher for the Rays. He finished last year 11-9 and showed some nasty potential. I had to add him to my collection!

Tom Milone. is a young and talented pitcher for the A’s. He was 13-10 last year, and a great pitcher who showed signs of being a dominant starter in the future. I thought this was a great pickup for the price. and a great add to the collection.    tommilone


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