A huge Baseball update with a bit of Basketball

Andy Pafko is a 5 time All Star that’s a baseball legend. He was a 7 year member of the Braves, and played alongside Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews and Warren Spahn when the Braves bested the Yankees in 1957, in the cardboard hobby, his role as #1 in the iconic 1952 topps baseball set is pretty legendary too. He was also involved in the “Shot Heard Around the World”. Baseball is an expensive sport to collect rookies in, so guys like Pafko are badass and welcome additions

Rafael Belliard was the Shortstop in Alanta during my youth, and was on the team for 8 years. and a key part of that 1995 championship squad!

Chris Johnson was part of the Upton deal that sent him to Alanta, oddly enough, I think he’s an upgrade over Prado. Glad to have him on the Braves and in my collection.

Earl Weaver is a legendary baseball icon. A Hall of Fame manager/coach who never played a game, he was a huge part of the Orioles organization  He’s a guy who is one of the all time icons of the game and someone who made a positive impact in baseball. Sadly, he recently passed, but I am proud to add him to my collection.

Cody Johnson may be one of the biggest busts in Braves History. I picked this up in a deal that included a lot of modern era rookies. I think he’s floundering away in the Yankees AA system.

Adam Morrison another massive bust, once considered a top prospect, and was benched his rookie year for poor defense, tore his ACL, missed a year, got traded to the lakers and sat on the bench while winning 2 championships. He was cut and then floundered in Europe, and that ended the career of Adam Morrison. He also came in the lot of modern era rookies



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