A New project!

I decided that I’ll start a project for the Heisman Trophy Winners, much like I do with the NFL HOF. It’s going to be a fun side project, so I’m kicking it off with a bang. A lot of college who dominate enough to win the Heisman never make it in the NFL but impact the game profoundly, so I thought this would be a neat and cheap side project that would let me fully chronicle the game.  I will *not* be adding signed rookies for the more modern players, and sticking to the best non signed rookie possible. Luckily for me, between my HOF and other rookies, I already had 15 of the 76 winners, and today I add 8 more to that goal! These pickups also complete the winners from the entire 1970’s decade for me, which is pretty cool!

Archie Griffin is the only guy to win the Heisman not once..but twice in 1974 and 1875. He never dominated the NFL like he did the college Gridiron, but he’s a football legend I’m glad to add. This is a new project..so he leaves me with 60 guys remaining!

Danny Wuerffel was good in college at least, but may be one of the worst NFL Flops of all time. This will be a borderline amusing project.

Troy Smith was good in college, but sucked on the gridiron, Undersized, he never was able to latch on with the Ravens or 49er’s – In some Parallel universe, maybe he quarterbacked both teams to a superbowl, but he’s chilling in the UFL

Charlie Ward excelled in both basketball and football, and actually went on to a pretty decent NBA career, these three college QB legends are off the board and rest assured, they did not break the bank at all, Lol.

George Rogers won the Heisman in 1980 and was the number one pick in the NFL Draft the following year…who didn’t pan out.  These are depressing write ups.

Pat Sullivan won in 1971 and like 90% of these guys, is best remembered for his college play

Charles White won in 1979, another guy who didn’t pan out

Johnny Rogers won in 1972, and didn’t really do much either



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