Some more Hall of Famers!

Frank “Bruiser” Kinard is another pre-war beast for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He played college ball for Ole Miss and is one of the “all time” greats of the college gridiron. He’s a neat addition to the collection. 88 to go

Curly Culp was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013. I didn’t have Culp in my collection, so I rushed out and added him after the induction. Proud to have the man in my collection. 87 to go

Dave Robinson  was the other member of the Class of 2013 that I did not have in my collection. I was quick to grab him for my collection, because Chris Hanburger’s stuff skyrocketed and still hasn’t came back down in the range it was prior to getting inducted. This packers linebacker puts me at 86 men left!

Bob Hayes is a two time Olympic gold medalist who dominated for the Cowboys and won a superbowl with Staubach under Center. 85 to go.



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