Heisman, Hof, Texans, Autos and Jersey – Huge football update!

Frank Sinkwich won the Heisman Trophy in 1942 playing for the Georgia Bulldogs. He had a short career, but was an All Pro Twice and a League MVP. His knee was injured during his time during the air force, ending his career. Great addition to the collection.

Paul Krause played cornerback for the Vikings and ABSOLUTELY dominated during his way, dominating all the way to the Hall of Fame. He’s a great addition to the collection. 75 left!

Andy Robustelli – Was a defensive end for the Rams and Giants who absolutely lit up the 50’s. He’s a good addition to my Hall of Fame collection as I have 74  left!arobustelli
Johnathan Joesph is the starting CB for the Texans. I already picked up his national treasures rookie awhile back, but the contenders preview ticket for under $5 could not be passed up. Joesph is one of our key pieces on our defense, and a worthy double dipjohnathanjosephaurc2
Antoine Cason is a cornerback who played four seasons for the Chargers and just signed with the Cardinals. He’s got 308 tackles and 12 interceptions in his career, and was a throw in with the Joesph
Derick Locke was a pull out of a recent retail box that was marked down to $10 at my local Kmart. He’s currently in the CFL, so it’s a nice hit being numbered to 50, but of a player with very very very low upside.


Nick Toon is the son of Jets icon Al Toon. He missed his rookie year due to injury, but since this was a throw in with the Joesph, it’s a neat little pickup.



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