A Big update with “The Dude”, Sci-Fi goodness, TV Hosts and a Soprano (Not the HBO Kind)

 Judd Hamilton & Caroline Munro both signed this wonderful black and white 8×10. Munro is best known for her role in “The Spy who loved me” as Naomi. Ironically she had a role as a female guard in the 1967 Casino Royale as well. The rest of her career is primarily B movies be it horror like Maniac or Slaughter High, Action like Sinbad or sci-fi like Starcrash, from whence this 8×10 came! Starcrash may be the WORDT sci-fi movie of all time too!  Judd Hamilton is best known for working with Monroe, producing Maniac, and staring in the movie “The Last Horror Film”. It’s a decent pickup

Jeff Bridges is a freaking icon. The Big Lebowski, Iron Man, True Grit, Tron, King Kong (1976), Arlington Road, K-Pax, and Crazy Heart. The “Dude” is one of my favorite characters in cinema history, and He was badass in Iron Man and did the first Western I liked in ages in the True Grit remake. He’s a HUGE addition to my collection and one i’m proud beyond words to make.

Andrew Zimmern is the man best known for Bizarre Foods. It’s a show that’s gross as hell but it’s a fun show, and Zimmern is a sweet addition to my collection


Shu-Cheen Yu is one of the worlds most premiere sopranos. Her music is beautiful and so is she, and she’s a great addition to my collection



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