Two hotties, an excellent writer and an American Icon

Jessica Alba is a tough signer, and super hot. She stared in Sin City and the Fantastic Four with other great roles like Machette, Honey and The Eye. Premiere collectibles was offering a book signing, and I jumped on it. She’s a tough name and is an easy addition to pick up since I had a great chance to add her.

Alexandra Daddario is a rising actress best known for her role in the Percy Jackson movies and the new Texas Chainsaw massacre. I saw Raybin Management had this available, and took the dive. I’m not confident I’ll be able to add her to my piece with Dan Yeager, and for the price, peace of mind is worth it. She’s a super HOT and talented actress, and an excellent horror add

Steve Forbes is an American Icon in business and  former republican Presidential Nominee. I’m a huge fan of the magazine, and consider him an American Icon. I was thrilled to be able to add him to my collection

Kathy Reichs is an award winning author best known for writing the Temperance Brennan books which pretty much created the series known as Bones. Reichs has wrote 16 books and counting, and I absolutely adore her show. This is a wonderful pickup for my collection



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