Stargate, Saw and Silent Hill

Joe Flannigan played Lt. Col. John Sheppard in all 99 episodes of SG: Atlantis. John Sheppard was one of the better stargate characters, and I am thrilled to add him to my collection.

Rachel Luttrell played Teyla on Stargate Atlantis in 99 episodes. It’s personalized to a fellow collector, but it was for sale at a price I couldn’t refuse. Teyla was a huge part of my favorite SG series, and she’s not done many conventions recently and her cards have dried up

Roberto Campanella played Pyramid Head in the two Silent Hill films. Love and adore the Silent Hill Franchise, so Campanella was a HUGE pickup for me to get him in my collection

Rebecca Marshall is best known for her roll in Saw 3D, She’s a good actress with a lot of potential, and an excellent addition to my Saw project.



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