Fanboy Expo 2013! Part one of my Haul!

FanboyExpo was a hell of a show, I had a great time, added a lot of people to my collection, had some wonderful experiences

I Added Six to my Walking dead poster in
Madison Lintz  played sophia in 8 episodes
Daniel Thomas May
played Allen in 6 Episodes
Tyler Chase
played Ben in 5 episodes
Sonya Thompson played a walker in five episodes
Theo Crane
played Big Tiny in 2 episodes
Kylie Szymanski
played the zombie version of Penny in 2 episodes

I also have the Bicycle girl from an earlier appearance


Anthony Michael Hall
played Rusty in the original Lampoon Vacation, The Geek in sixteen candles and stared in Breakfast Club, Weird Science and was the star of the show “The Dead Zone”. He even recently was on Warehouse 13. Mr. Hall was a class act and a hell of a name to add to my collection, it looks a bit better in person, should of asked for silver ink!

Joey Lauren Adams
is best known for Chasing Amy, I had her already, but couldn’t pass up the chance to meet her and get her signature again, she was a sweetheart


Jack O’ Hallaran
is best known for playing Non in Superman 2. Jack was a key villian, and he was a pretty sweet signature to add to my collection. Jack is absolutely huge in person and nice as can be.

Sean Whalen
has had an interesting career, from being in small roles in Batman Returns and Revenge of the Nerds 3 to having more large roles in Twister, Employee of the Month. He was also in 3 episodes of Lost as Neil



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