Fanboy Expo 2013 – The rest of my epic haul!

Jeremy Bulloch was the man in the suit who played Boba Fett. Fett is without a doubt one of my favorite characters ever, and captured my imagination as a child. Fett on this Helmet was a HUGE score for me, and one i’m very very proud to have in my Star Wars collection.

Erik Bauersfeld provided the voice for Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna, he made his first convention appearance at 90 years old, and was an amazing man who makes a very very solid addition to my collection


Danielle Harris is a super hottie best known for her roles in Halloween 4 & 5 and the reboot of Halloween 1 & 2, She’s also had roles in Hatchet 2 & 3. She’s a super sweet and small lady, and a huge addition to my horror collection

Martin Kove is best known for playing the Cobra-Kai Sensei John Kreese in the original 3 Karate Kid movies, He also had a noteable role in Rambo 3

Jerry “The King” Lawler is a legendary wrestler and annoucer and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper is a class act and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is one of the better wrestlers to never hold a major title for any of the major companies. He was one of the better mid-card fighters of my childhood and all time

Bill Mosley played Otis in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects, He also was in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, the Halloween reboot and Army of Darkness

Lacey Wildd is best known for reality TV,  I had no clue who she was when I saw her booth, but I was put up to getting a photo made with her and added her autograph to my collection, it’s certainly one of the more unique ones



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