Y.O. JOE and Transformers! 3 Voice Actors down!

Patrick Pinney was the voice of Mainframe on G.I. Joe. Pinney is a huge pickup for me as Mainframe was a pretty key character. Pinney has had a successful career with key work on Mighty Mouse, Spongebob and even Harry and the Hendersons


Marshall Efron is a small time actor who voiced Hun-Gurrr in Transformers. He’s a very minor addition to my G1 Transformer collection, but a needed one. It’s great to make an addition to the collection that hasn’t seen much progress in awhile. Asides Transformers, he’s best known for THX 1138.


Chuck McCann and Tim Conway both are cool additions to my collection. Chuck McCann voiced Leatherneck on G.I. Joe, and is a HUGE reason (Actually, *the* reason I picked this up for the collection, it feels wonderful to add some Joes and get the ball rolling again, and McCann is a huge pickup for me, absolutely huge.  Conway is a bit of a comedy Legend with tons of roles like McHales navy and his own Show, even some work on Scooby Doo, but this update is about G.I Joe! Not Tim Conway!



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