Y.O. Joe! Two needs down, Ron Swanson and Ronan Dex

B.J. Ward was the voice of Scarlett on the Sunbow classic G.I. Joe and voiced Haggar and Princess Allura on Voltron. Ms Ward was a HUGE part of my childhood and my biggest living G.I. Joe need. She also voiced Snoop on the Gobots, and wonder twin Jayna in the Super Friends animated series. Huge pickup!


Nick Offerman plays the Legendary Ron Swanson in Parks & Recreation. He’s a man’s man and an accomplished woodworker who also was in 21 Jump Street and Sin City. Offerman is a brilliant addition to my collection and a wonderful pickup.


Jason Momoa has played many baddasses. Khal Drogo, Ronan Dex and Conan. He also starred in Baywatch, but that’s not why I picked up Momoa. Ronan Dex was one of the badass Stargate Characters that made Stargate: Atlantis my favorite, and Momoa has been on my wishlist for awhile. THRILLED to finally have him in my collection.


Scott McNeil is sort of a legend. He took over the role of Cobra Commander after Latta’s health failed for the DIC animated series. This may be as close as I get to a “Cobra Commander” Autograph in my life. He also voiced Storm Shadow on the DIC production. He’s brought to life Piccolo and a SLEW of other Dragonball Z characters, Destro (The Spy Troops & Valor vs Venom version), a slew of the Street Fighter Characters, Rattrap and several other beast wars characters, Ram-Man, Beast Man and several other characters on the 2002 version of He-Man and Jetfire on Energon. This man is a LEGEND and a HUGE add to my collection.



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