Street Fighter, Warehouse 13 and YO JOE!

Bryon Mann played RYU in the cult classic Street Fighter movie. (Cult classic in a campy way), Ryu was my favorite fighter, so this is a logical pickup. He’s also currently on the show “Arrow”


CCH Pounder is a fantastic actress who first got her big start in  Psycho IV getting an important role in a classic saga. Best known for her time in Warehouse 13 as Mrs. Frederic, she’s also had  small roles roles in Robocop 3, The X-Files,  Millennium , providing the voice to Amanda Waller in the Justice League and a rather large role on The Shield. She’s a great addition that goes with multiple projects i’ve been working on and is a great pickup.


Gregg Berger is a voice acting god and huge need for my collection. He voiced Grimlock, Longhaul, Jetfire and Outback In the G1 Transformers and Spirit, Cutter, Firefly, Sparks, Ripcord and Colonel Brekhov in the Sunbow G.I. Joe Cartoon, he was a HUGE need for me, and adding him knocks down a major want. He also has voiced Odie in Garfield, The Gromble in Ahh, Real Monsters, Kraven and Mysterio in Spiderman and is a fantastic and downright badass addition to my collection. I’m THRILLED to have him at last.  greggberger


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