Some pickups from Botcon! 5 new transformers additions

David Sobalov is best known for playing Shockwave on Transformers Prime and Depth-Charge on Beast Wars. He’s done a lot of video game work, and is a sweet addition to my collection.


Wally Burr is sort of a legend serving as the voice director for the sunbow Transformers and G.I. Joe cartoon. He went on to direct several other cartoons including Captain Bucky O’Hare, Akira, Hong Kong Phooey, Exosquad, Inspector Gadget and Jem. He’s an awesome Behind the Scenes add to my lifelong project!


Glenn Morshower is best known for playing General Morshower in the Transformer movies. He’s had an interesting career appearing on 24 quite a bit, Star Trek five times in different small parts, X-Files,  Millennium, Buffy, Bones, The 4400, Dollhouse Jag, Charmed and Revolution He has also had small roles in the movie Godzilla and X-Men First Class and Moneyball. This dudes been everywhere and is a huge addition to my collection for all of his bit roles.


Jason Jansen is best known for playing Tommy Kennedy  in the Transformer toy commercials and a small small role in the G1 Series, it’s a neat obscure graph.


James Horan voices Wheeljack on Transformers Prime. Asides from a lengthy list of video game acting, his other noteable credits include Charmed, and multiple episodes on multiple Star Trek



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