Voice Actors everywhere!

Alvin Sanders is an actor who has had a pretty good career. He voiced Stretcher in the DIC rendition of G.I. Joe and voiced Mr. Popo in Dragonball Z. He was in two episodes of X-Files as different characters and actually had a minor role in the film Romeo must Die featuring DMX, He also can claim 3 Episodes of Dead Zone, the role of Demolishor in Transformers Armada/Energon and a role in Supernatural and Smallville and Fringe. It’s always a pleasure to add a voice actor to my collection and he’s no different.


Steve Blum is a super talented voice actor. He’s lent his voice to the Dynasty Warrior games and voiced Wolverine in several videogames and animated features. He voiced six characters in G.I. Joe Resolute including Duke and Roadblock and voices Starscream on Transformers Prime

sblum2 steveblum

Robert David Hall was the voice of Col. Sharp on G.I. Joe. I’ve been making a slew of progress on G.I. Joe’s sunbow cast recently and it’s nice to add Mr. Hall to my collection. He’s best known for appearing on over 288 episodes of CSI as Dr. Al Robbins but before that he had small roles on Starship Troopers and The Negotiator



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