Asheville Comic Expo!

Asheville Comic Expo was a neat little show. The show was in it’s second year (founded in 2012) and it was a nice little show. Mostly comic oriented in terms of guests and vendors) I was impressed at the rather large selection of comics. This little show had more comic dealers than some bigger shows around the area.

It didn’t really have many dealers who had Action Figures (About 3, Maybe 4) and those who did didn’t really have any stock that really interested me.  The ones who were there had very good prices sans the one guy who had a high Mark-up for the Masters of the Universe figures showing up at Big Lots recently, and One dealer had the last Marvel Select I needed, The Watcher with a $25 tag, but that was “an old tag that needed to be removed, and his last one was sold for $75” and I just walked on that, Could of paid $75 for that, but if your shit is priced differently and you give me some dirty look for asking about the price on it, I’m not going to keep wasting time looking and asking at your booth.  Most dealers seemed to want to make a sale though.

The one Media guest they had Harry Anderson was a bit late, Looks like he arrived sometime after I left at 12:30 (Was hungry and wasn’t going to wait around that long when I’m meeting a beautiful woman for lunch, plus not paying to park again).

The artists were all super nice and everything was priced great on that front. It was a bit odd to see one artist charge 4x more than he charged a few years ago at Fanboy Expo, but he seemed busy, so good for him on making it a bit bigger!

Overall, it was a good little show, and I’ll be going back in 2014.  As for my loot? 3 Sketches and some great signed stuff!

Wolverine by JK Woodward was my commission I did prior to the show. I’ve done a fair share of conventions, but never a commission by an artist as badass as Woodward. His most noteable works include Fallen Angel, X-Men Origins: The Beast, CSI NY, G.I. Joe Cobra, Zombie Tales and Star Trek The Next Generation.

Young Link by Mandy Anders was a sketch she had pre-drawn on her table for sale. I love Link and the character was a big part of my gaming childhood. Mandy is best known for her Web Comic “The Book of Nosferatu”.

Darkhawk by Gregory Dickens is an artist developing his own brand of comics and own universe. His art isn’t bad, and I love adding Darkhawk art to my collection.

Matthew Manning is a Writer who has great works like: Beware the Batman, BatmanJustice League Adventures, Looney Tunes, and  Spider-Man Unlimited

Van Jensen is a writer for DC who writes the  Green Lantern Corps in the “New 52”

John Wycough is an artist who has worked on Star Wars, Fear Itself,  G.I. Joe and Transformers! He’s a talented guy who had some great Black and White prints available.
Chris McJunkin is an artist on Zero’s Heroes from New Haven Comics, He’s also a sketch artist. He signed a small print for me



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