A man who “Terminates” an old project and a G1 transformer voice!

Robert Patrick has an amazing career. He played the T-1000 in Terminator 2 and also had a role in Die Hard 2, Walk the Line and Bridge to Terabithia. He was most importantly John Doggett in the X-Files for 40 episodes, pretty much completing my X-Files project. He’s done a lot on TV post X-Files staring in Stargate: Atlantis (Well, the pilot), The Unit, True Blood, Psych and Burn Notice. He’s been a huge want, and i’m pumped beyond words to add him to my collection.


Arlene Banas was the voice of Carly Witwicky on 8 Episodes of Transformers.  She had a few roles, but nothing notabl. I love adding G1 actors to my collection, and Ms Banas is no different. This project get’s harder and harder, so making a pickup is kind of nice.



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