Some G1 Transformers and some ladies!

John Moschitta Jr is known for talking fast, and voiced Blurr among a few others in the G1  Transformers cartoon. He was the Micromachines guy and actually reprised Blurr later on in the Animated cartoon, some 2 decades later. He’s been a huge want of mine, and i’m thrilled beyond words to add him at last.

Samantha Newark is best known for voicing Jem in Jem. She did a few misc voices in the Transformers G1 Cartoon and has been a need of mine. She actually is a songwriter and singer. She’s a neat pickup for my voice acting collection and a great way to start off the new year in the world of graphing.

Vanessa Branch & Lauren Maher were in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies . Ms Branch played  Giselle in all three movies. Asides from pirates, she’s not done much else. Ms Maher played Scarlett. Together these lovely ladies make a pretty neat addition to my collection, as I already have another Pirates multi-sig



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